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What is ONDC?

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is
an innovative network developed on open-sourced

Designed to democratise digital commerce, ONDC is
a step towards creating an inclusive, fair, and
competitive digital commerce environment in India.

ONDC works by unbundling the digital commerce value
chain. This includes discovery, transactions, and
fulfilment. It allows different players to offer these
services separately, leading to a more competitive and
consumer-friendly environment.

ONDC enables open and fair transactions across
platforms for wholesalers, retailers, and consumers.

A digital market for Indian enterprises
and the ocean of opportunities

Expand Your

Showcase your products to a wider
B2B audience across the country
and the world, thanks to ONDC's
potential for cross-border trade

Enjoy Swift &
Secure Payments

Experience quick and secure
transactions across all available
platforms crucial for your business

Optimise Your

Streamline operations, trade faster,
and save money with B2B
specialised solutions. Leverage
ONDC to reduce the cost to serve
enterprises by 5-10%

Born out of the need for digitisation, ONDC has since grown
into a robust platform that is revolutionising digital
commerce, much like UPI did for digital payments.

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