Optimising B2B Procurement: How ONDC Transforms the Buyer-Seller Dynamic?

Optimising B2B Procurement
Arun Chandran
Arun Chandran

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Optimising B2B Procurement

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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the complexities and challenges inherent in B2B procurement processes are more evident than ever. 

For many procurement managers, supply chain executives, and business owners, B2B procurement is a labyrinthine journey fraught with obstacles. It’s not merely about purchasing goods or services. 

It’s about navigating intricate supplier relationships, handling multifaceted contract negotiations, and contending with the ever-present shadow of opacity. As a result, these problems often cloud their vision of the procurement landscape.

B2B Procurement: A Closer Look at the Complexities

B2B Procurement, especially in a burgeoning market like India, is a crucial linchpin in the chain of commerce. It operates on trust, strategic relationships, and intricate deal-making. But with these critical relationships come numerous challenges:

Supplier Management 

A modern supply chain encompasses a vast network of suppliers, each with its own set of terms, conditions, and operational nuances. Managing these relationships, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining quality standards often becomes an uphill task.

Complex Contract Negotiations 

Every procurement deal comes with its set of terms and conditions. The negotiation phase, imperative for cost savings and risk management, can be protracted and convoluted. 

Disparities in expectations, price points, or delivery timelines can easily derail the procurement process, leading to inefficiencies and potential financial losses.

Lack of Transparency 

One of the most pervasive pain points in B2B procurement is the absence of transparency. Whether it’s hidden costs, undisclosed supplier practices, or ambiguous contract terms, uncertainty can significantly hinder decision-making. 

Hence it can erode trust between the buyer and seller.

Traditional B2B Procurement – What are the Pain Points?

In the world of business, few processes are as vital yet as fraught with challenges as B2B procurement. Often considered the backbone of a company’s operational framework, effective procurement is essential for ensuring smooth business continuity, managing costs, and sustaining growth. 

However, as crucial as it is, traditional B2B procurement is not without its pitfalls. Delving into the world of procurement, we unearth some of the most pressing challenges that procurement managers routinely grapple with.

Inefficient Supplier Management

At the heart of B2B procurement lies the complex web of supplier relationships. In traditional models, efficient supplier management is an arduous task:

Multiple Suppliers, Multiple Challenges 

With an extensive array of suppliers, each having its unique operational nuances, keeping track becomes a logistical nightmare. From varying lead times to different quality standards, the heterogeneity can lead to operational inconsistencies.

Information Silos 

A lack of centralised information often results in fragmented data pools. This fragmentation impedes quick decision-making, leading to delays and potential stockouts.

Risk Management 

Without efficient supplier management, companies are at a heightened risk of supply chain disruptions, be it due to geopolitical factors, supplier insolvency, or quality issues.

Complex Contract Negotiations

The dance of contract negotiations is as old as commerce itself. But in the realm of B2B procurement, it’s a dance fraught with potential pitfalls.

Varying Expectations 

Every buyer and seller enters negotiations with their set of expectations. Finding a middle ground, especially in the traditional setup without real-time data insights, can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Opaque Pricing Mechanisms 

Without transparent pricing benchmarks, negotiations can often feel like shooting in the dark. This lack of clarity can lead to missed opportunities for cost savings or, worse, overpaying.

Contractual Ambiguities 

Traditional contract drafting often leaves room for multiple interpretations. Such ambiguities can lead to disputes down the line, disrupting the buyer-seller dynamic and potentially leading to litigation.

In the traditional B2B procurement landscape of India, these challenges are further magnified by the vastness and diversity of the market. With a myriad of suppliers, each with its cultural and operational distinctions, the complexities increase manifold.

However, with the evolution of digital commerce platforms and the rise of ONDC, there’s a beacon of hope on the horizon. By addressing these age-old pain points head-on and introducing a slew of optimised procurement solutions, ONDC promises to transform the very fabric of B2B commerce in India.

Enter ONDC – A New Paradigm in Procurement

The digital age has ushered in a wave of transformation across industries, redefining traditional practices and setting new benchmarks of efficiency. In the realm of B2B procurement, this transformative force has a name: ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce)

As industries grapple with the entrenched pain points of traditional procurement processes, ONDC emerges as a beacon of innovation. It promises to reshape the buyer-seller dynamic in unprecedented ways.

Understanding ONDC

At its core, ONDC is a digital platform designed to streamline and optimise B2B commerce. It provides an open network where buyers and sellers can converge, interact, and transact with greater transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. 

But what truly sets ONDC apart is its potential to address the age-old challenges of B2B procurement.

Revolutionising Supplier Management

Unified Supplier Database 

With ONDC, businesses have access to a centralised database of suppliers, eliminating the challenge of fragmented information. This consolidation allows for better supplier vetting, standardised processes, and quicker decision-making.

Real-time Data Insights 

ONDC offers businesses a real-time view of supplier performance metrics, lead times, and quality ratings. Such data-driven insights facilitate proactive risk management and ensure a consistent supply chain.

Enhanced Supplier Collaboration 

Through ONDC, suppliers and buyers can collaborate more closely, sharing forecasts, inventory levels, and demand spikes. This collaborative approach fosters stronger relationships and ensures better alignment with business goals.

Simplifying Contract Negotiations

Transparent Pricing Mechanisms 

ONDC introduces a level of transparency hitherto unseen in traditional procurement. With clear pricing benchmarks and historical data, negotiations become more factual, reducing ambiguities and ensuring fair deals.

Standardised Contract Templates 

To eliminate contractual discrepancies, ONDC offers standardised contract templates. These templates ensure clarity, reduce the scope for disputes, and speed up the negotiation process.

Feedback-driven Negotiations 

With a feedback mechanism in place, both buyers and sellers can rate and review past interactions, ensuring continuous improvement in negotiation strategies and outcomes.

By directly addressing the inherent challenges of traditional B2B procurement, ONDC stands as a game-changer in the industry. For businesses navigating the diverse and vast landscape of B2B commerce in India, ONDC offers a ray of hope. 

There is a sense of optimism surrounding not just operational efficiencies but a complete overhaul of the procurement experience.

How ONDC Optimizes the Buyer-Seller Dynamic

How ONDC Optimizes the Buyer-Seller Dynamic?

In the intricate dance of B2B commerce, the rhythm and harmony between buyers and sellers are paramount. For too long, this dynamic has been overshadowed by inefficiencies, opacities, and misalignments in objectives. 

However, with the emergence of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), the entire choreography is poised for a revolutionary change. Delving into the ONDC framework, we uncover the specific features that are reshaping the buyer-seller landscape in B2B procurement.

Centralised Marketplace

Unified Platform 

ONDC serves as a centralised marketplace, bringing together diverse suppliers and buyers under one digital roof. This unification simplifies the search process, making it easier for buyers to find the right suppliers and for sellers to reach their target audience.

Diverse Product Catalogue 

With a vast and diverse product catalogue, ONDC ensures that buyers have a plethora of options to choose from. Sellers also get an opportunity to showcase their entire product range, enhancing their market reach.

Transparent Transactional Processes

Clear Pricing Mechanisms 

ONGC’s transparent pricing structure ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of cost structures, eliminating hidden charges and unexpected costs.

Payment Security 

The platform offers secure payment gateways, instilling confidence in both buyers and sellers. This security ensures timely payments for sellers and guarantees product/service delivery for buyers.

Digital Documentation 

All transactional documents, from purchase orders to invoices, are digitised and stored securely on the platform, ensuring easy access and reducing discrepancies.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Data-driven Decisions 

ONGC’s advanced analytics tools offer insights into buying patterns, supplier performance, and market trends. These data-driven insights empower buyers to make informed decisions and allow sellers to tailor their offerings based on market demands.

Feedback Mechanism 

The platform’s feedback and review system ensures continuous improvement. Buyers can rate and review suppliers, leading to a merit-based system where quality suppliers get prominence, and sellers receive constructive feedback for growth.

Scalable Integration Capabilities

ERP Integration 

ONDC seamlessly integrates with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, ensuring that businesses can transition smoothly without overhauling their current operational frameworks.

API Connectivity 

With robust API capabilities, ONDC ensures that businesses can connect the platform with other essential tools, from CRM systems to inventory management software, enhancing operational synergy.

Enhanced Communication Tools

Real-time Chat 

ONDC’s real-time chat feature facilitates instant communication between buyers and sellers, ensuring that queries, clarifications, and negotiations are addressed promptly.

Notification System 

The platform’s proactive notification system ensures that both parties are kept in the loop about order statuses, payment updates, and any potential disruptions.

The transformative potential of ONDC in optimising the buyer-seller dynamic in B2B commerce India is undeniable. By directly addressing the pain points of traditional procurement and offering solutions tailored for the digital age, ONDC is not just a platform; it’s a paradigm shift.

Possible Real-World Applications and Benefits

In the dynamic world of B2B commerce, theoretical solutions are only as good as their practical applications. As businesses strive for operational efficiency and seamless procurement, it’s the tangible results that truly matter. 

Through the lens of hypothetical scenarios, let’s delve into the real-world applications and benefits of ONDC’s procurement solutions.

Streamlined Supplier Discovery


An emerging electronics manufacturer in India is in dire need of a specific semiconductor component. Traditional methods would have required days of market research and potentially risky bets on unverified suppliers.

With ONDC 

The manufacturer simply logs into the ONDC platform, searches for the required component, and gets instant access to a list of verified suppliers, complete with ratings and reviews. Within hours, they identify a top-rated supplier, initiate negotiations, and finalise the deal.


Rapid supplier discovery, reduced lead times, and assurance of quality based on peer reviews.

Transparent Contract Negotiations


A pharmaceutical company is negotiating a deal for raw materials. Historically, such negotiations involved back-and-forth communications, opaque pricing structures, and prolonged timelines.

With ONDC 

The company accesses ONDC’s transparent pricing mechanisms, reviews historical price benchmarks, and utilises standardised contract templates. The entire negotiation process is streamlined, with both parties arriving at a mutually beneficial agreement swiftly.


Faster negotiations, clear pricing structures, and reduced contractual ambiguities.

Efficient Inventory Management


A fashion retailer, gearing up for the festive season, is anxious about managing inventory levels to meet the anticipated demand surge without overstocking.

With ONDC 

Leveraging the platform’s advanced analytics, the retailer gauges buying patterns, predicts demand spikes, and collaborates closely with suppliers on ONDC to ensure timely deliveries. Real-time data insights allow for dynamic inventory adjustments, ensuring optimal stock levels.


Optimised inventory management, reduced holding costs, and minimise stock outs or overstock scenarios.

Seamless Dispute Resolution


A hardware distributor encounters a quality issue with a recent shipment, leading to potential conflicts and disputes with the supplier.

With ONDC 

The distributor raises the concern on the platform, and both parties engage in a transparent dialogue using ONDC’s communication tools. With digital documentation readily available, the issue is quickly pinpointed, and a resolution, such as a replacement or refund, is promptly agreed upon.


Quick dispute resolution, preserved business relationships, and minimised operational disruptions.

Proactive Risk Management


An automobile parts manufacturer is concerned about potential supply chain disruptions due to geopolitical tensions in a supplier’s region.

With ONDC 

The manufacturer leverages ONDC’s real-time supplier performance metrics and risk assessment tools. By identifying alternative suppliers with similar ratings and capabilities on the platform, they swiftly pivot and ensure uninterrupted supply.


Enhanced supply chain resilience, proactive risk management, and business continuity.

What is the Impact of ONDC on B2B Commerce?

In the intricate tapestry of B2B commerce, the threads of procurement processes weave the patterns of success or challenge. Traditional procurement methods, while foundational, often entangled businesses in webs of inefficiencies, opacities, and increased costs. 

However, the emergence of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) heralds a new era, offering a fresh blueprint for B2B procurement in India and beyond.

From streamlining supplier management to simplifying contract negotiations, ONDC’s innovative framework addresses the core challenges that have historically hampered B2B procurement. Its centralised marketplace, transparent transactional processes, and advanced analytics are not mere digital enhancements. 

They are transformative solutions, redefining the very essence of the buyer-seller dynamic.

Looking to the Future

As we stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, the path forward is clear. For businesses aspiring to scale, evolve, and thrive in the competitive landscape of B2B commerce, is not just an option; it’s an imperative.

To all the procurement managers, supply chain executives, and business owners: the future of optimised B2B procurement beckons. Dive into the world of ONDC, explore its myriad solutions, and set your business on a trajectory of efficiency, growth, and undeniable success.

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